Are you also packing for the jamboree? If not, no big deal, you still have enough time, but in order not to forget anything we offer you a list of clothing and things that should not be missing in your backpack. All of the things are appropriate and adapted to the program and take them Čítať ďalej


Are you packing on the jamboree? The Organizers offer you a list of clothes and things that should not miss. All things are appropriate and adapted to the program and take them as a necessary minimum. Remember to take  on the day of arrival at the campsite your own dinner. Food is served from morning Čítať ďalej


About the Jamboree was so much said and wrote, but still has a lot of people no idea about what they can experience during the jamboree. Most people already know that the jamboree program will be based on the symbols of the five elements. Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Scouting. They will be linked with Čítať ďalej


Are you going on the jamboree and you want tell it to the whole world? The organizers have prepared a unique opportunity for candidates to visible their profile and 11th Central Jamboree on Facebook and Twitter. Mark your profile photo jamboree logo by using jamboree PicBadge! Your organizers  Čítať ďalej


You can register now here ! Do not wait until the last minute! The number of participants is limited! Even if we wanted to bring all interested people on the Jamboree we have no capacity to bring everyone. So now we have to follow the law of the jungle:      „Who come firts and who will be Čítať ďalej


Welcome to the official website of the 11th Central European Jamboree! It was first officially presented to the general public during scout training event of Scouting Slovakia- Seminar of Quality. Jamboree will be held in the summer of 11th to 18th August On the site you can find all the basic information about the event, the history ofCentral European Jamboree, offers program activities and registration form. You have to look forward to! Your organisation teamČítať ďalej


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